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Finally, I have it! ^///^

Finally I have original "Ouran High School Host Club" DVD by Polish Anime Virtual! xD
Here is it:

And I want to say, that I'm Polish girl, and I watch it with german dubbing.
Anyone watch german version? (yes, I know, that Mamoru Miyano is the best, but german is not bad! I love it, really! ^^)

Ouran auf Deutsch!

Tamakis deutscher Sprecher ist echt geil! XDDD

I can't wait for the next one... :3
naruto, karin, karin uzumaki, uzumaki karin

What can I say?


健康ですか? :-)
In Poland now is very hot, so today I've been in Silesia City Centre.
I went shopping with my friends phaere and Nayako. ^__^
We were dancing all the time in shops to various music from speakers. XD
We are crazy, I know. XD But it was fun. :3
And now, after that I have a headache... xP
I bought nice, red, high heels (I will show you them in the future)... *___*
Recently, I go often on Yuya Miyashita-san blog. :-) I learn Japanese. xD
For now I read "Wolf Brother" book. I like it... ^___^

And now...
My eye. xD


naruto, karin, karin uzumaki, uzumaki karin

Test! xD


OMG, japanese is so funny... xD

Im so happy, because next week bring us... Junjou Terrorist! XD

I think, tomorrow (or tonight) I will show you some icons from "Junjou Romantica", "AirGearMyu", "Vampire Knight" and Run&Gun...
And... maybe my songs? *thinking*
Oh, well... ;)
naruto, karin, karin uzumaki, uzumaki karin

Prologue of "Blue Sheets"...

I think that I can start writing here some posts. I never thought about writing here, but when I start thinking about studying the languages...
I just saw the beginning of the stage "Blue sheets" (with Run&Gun).
Oh my God, it is wonderful...
We'll see what will be later...

; ___ ;